Croatica Chemica Acta

  ☆   published by the Croatian Chemical Society   ☆   est. 1927

A Blast from the Past …

A Blast from the Past …

This page is intended to gather and present some of the papers published in Croatica Chemica Acta that today hold a certain historic value and importance. Each paper is professionally scanned, and available for free to anyone interested.

The list of these papers will certainly grow as we comb through our archives searching for the forgotten jewels in the history of chemistry in Croatia (and beyond).

If there is a paper you think that should be here – please contact us!

The papers are sorted chronologically in the ascending order:

  1. J. Slivnik, B. Brčić, B. Volavšek, J. Marsel, V. Vrščaj, A. Šmalc, B. Frlec und Z. Zemljič, Über die Synthese von XeF6Croat. Chem. Acta 1962, 34, 253.
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